We are faithful to the shapes and colours of the original drawing, with 3D modelling we add volumes and, if it is needed, a little expedient to guarantee stability.

3D printing transforms the model into a real object. The material is gypsum-based powder, the colour gets directly added during printing then it’s all bound together with a sealant glue.

The figurines are not toys, they are pieces of art and need to be handled accordingly. They are not waterproof, they do not go into the washing machine, they are not child-proof…

The ideal present for grandma and grandpa, a fantastic surprise for mum and dad. A novel idea perfect for all the family.

The standard size is about 10 centimeters, If you want a different size please let us know using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Commissioned by the painter Sofia Carreras (Peru 1996)

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